Going to places that are known or not known to many can be costly and sometimes you may need to save up for years just to achieve that dream vacation. However, what if I tell you you can go to places you dream of going even with the budget you have on hand? Some tips and tricks to help you start traveling on a budget. 

1. Plan 

Planning may be a mainstream thing when it comes to traveling but its repetitive appearance on list of how you can travel on a budget is necessary. Being spontaneous in decision making more so on traveling decisions is not something everyone can afford. If you are someone on a budget, planning your travel months or days away is your best route to make it a reality. Make an itinerary, jot down how many hours or days you will be spending on a specific location and write down options on where it is cheapest to stay.  

2. Be savvy when it comes to accommodation 

Trade your stay in a luxurious hotel and opt for hostels or Airbnb to save more on accommodation. This is an opportunity to explore the place you were dreaming of and you do not have time or more like a waste of time to spend all those budget money just to stay in a luxurious 4 cornered space. If you have friends who live near the area, never shy out to give them a call. It is an opportunity to catch up as well as save up.  

3. Pack properly 

Grab a pen and paper and list every single thing you need. One reason why you go out of budget or overspend on vacations is because you have not packed well enough. Sometimes you don’t have a toothbrush with you, or you don’t have enough warm clothes. Pack at least one pants that suit you well and is long and warm enough. Grab a hoodie and a jacket that is waterproof. Check on the place online and see the weather conditions of the destination, through this, you won’t need to buy clothes or necessities you can actually just bring.  

4. Book your flight early 

Flights are pricey when you are booking them near the date of your departure. Moreover, if you are going to your destination on a holiday, booking it near the holiday date of departure is never wise as prices tend to climb when in season. Flight sales are often offered months before that’s why it is wiser to book your flight as early as possible so that you can ditch the extra expenses.  

5. Embrace public transport 

Renting a car for a few days of vacation can be quite luxurious for someone on a budget. If you are someone who travels and wants to not spend too much on the unnecessary parts of vacation be sure to embrace the privilege given by the public transportation of the area. It is simple, cheap and more than that, it is a good start to start exploring! 

6. Earn while you travel 

Some people are traveling to get away from work, however some are wise enough to travel while they work. Freelancing is a good way to enjoy the leisure of adventure while making some money. More than time convenience, it is also a great way to earn cash without the hassle of finishing a task for 8 hours of your day because most tasks are project based. If you are traveling, be sure to sign up on freelancing because it is a great way to earn some money while enjoying your new view.  

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