Pests may not cross your mind when packing things to store in a self-storage unit. There are things you might do unintentionally while packing things into a storage container that can entice unwanted mice and bugs. An infestation can happen before you know it. 


However, you should know that there are a couple of things you can do to keep unwanted pests out. If you want to keep your belongings clean and safe, a little preparation can go a long way.  

Before you rent cheap storage units Belleville, here are a couple of tips you can follow to keep pests out of your containers 

Raise Your Things Off the Ground 

Though rodents and bugs can crawl, it is handy to keep your things elevated off the ground. Placing pallets on the ground or using open shelving is a simple way to do this. Before you place them in the storage unit, you’ve got to ensure that your pallets or shelving are clean. Aside from keeping pests out of your items and belongings, this will also help protect your items from moisture.  

Don’t Store Food 

This might appear obvious. However, you will still be surprised at how many individuals make the error of storing food inside their storage container. Your pantry is one thing you shouldn’t pack up and store in your storage unit. Even dried goods or canned goods will attract pests. A couple of individuals have traces of food in their storage unit, most of them don’t know it.  

You should look for food before you move things like kitchen items or furniture. Clean or vacuum furniture under and between cushions. Examine your kitchen items such as pans and pots or storage containers for any food residue or crumbs on the surfaces.  

In addition to that, you also have to ensure that you clean the storage unit before you store your items inside. There might be a possibility that a previous tenant left behind food residue inside.  

Pack Things Using Plastic Containers with Tight Lids 

Packing your belongings inside containers with airtight lids is the best way to prevent pests from damaging them. Usually, plastic containers are the ideal option. They are particularly ideal to use for clothing, blankets, fabrics, and liners.  

It is advised that you purchase new boxes if you choose to utilize cardboard boxes. This will guarantee that the boxes are more durable and have fewer chances of having any gaps or holes that pests can access. A lot of people suggest making sure that the bottoms and tops are securely taped if you’re utilizing cardboard boxes in the storage unit. You should not simply fold the flaps of the boxes to close them. Taping them will provide a bit of additional protection against pests.  

Make sure you don’t use cardboard boxes from restaurants or grocery stores. The reason for this is that these boxes can attract unwanted pests. You should also consider the items you are packing. Make sure that they don’t attract mice, rodents, bugs, and other pests.