If you want to prolong the life of your roof, you can do several things. To give you the major key points about how to do this yourself, check out the following tips that are DIY friendly: 

Get rid of mold, moss, and algae 

If you’ve got asphalt shingles, you have to search for signs of dark green or black stains on them as this is an indicator of algae development. Mostly, the shingles in the shade can entice mold, moss, and algae, which can be eliminated with the help of an expert cleaner. The cleaning expenses are only minimal if compared to the costs needed to change your entire roofing in the event algae keeps on causing damage. Moreover, it can restore and refresh a few of your roofing’s natural beauty.  

Eliminate debris 

If you consider cleaning your home, perhaps your roof does not jump to the top of the list, however, it does not hurt to keep this in mind. At least, it’s vital to remove any debris that accumulates on a storm immediately. Moreover, you need to inspect your roof regularly to guarantee that there will be no accumulation of foreign material or lose the object.  

Trim the trees 

One of the possible reasons that can cost your roof would be overgrown tree branches. They can scrape or rub on the roofing, which leads to shingle damages and letting leaks and holes to develop. During a storm, branches can break and this can cause extreme damage to your house. Tree needles and leaves can be placed into the gutters as well, resulting in them being clogged. As much as possible, it’s important to trim them all back and pay attention to any branches that possibly hang too near to your roofing.  

Inspect your gutters 

Loose gutters can be difficult on your roofing. Eventually, they can begin to pull away from the home, causing damage to the roof’s lower part that will require replacing or roof repair Belleville eventually. As you are inspecting your gutters, make sure to also search for signs of clogs and leaks since clogs potentially make the gutters heavy and pull on the roof. According to the species of trees you have close to your house, you may need to clean out the gutters once every season as well.  

Check your roof 

If you are not that definite about the real condition of your roof, a roofing inspection must be done as soon as possible. Remember that it’s not really necessary for you to climb up your own roof. It would still be highly recommended to hire a proficient and licensed roofer to do it for you. It will definitely need you to spend a little amount compared to the ultimate repair costs you could spend if something goes wrong. Some of the inspection tips include: 

  • Search for rust on flashings 
  • Check the interior 
  • Look for curling and loose shingles 

Basically, having your roof checked every 3 years would be ideal.