Your carpet is considered the largest air filter in your home. Just like any air filter, carpet can also help prevent pollutants and allergens from entering the air. A recent trend in flooring is leaning towards hard surface flooring, and the truth is that indoor air quality could be at risk. As a matter of fact, according to experts, unlike smooth flooring surfaces which allow dust as well as other allergens to circulate into the air, properly maintained carpet flooring contributes a lot to improving the quality of air.   


Having your carpets deep cleaned is also a big part of a correct carpet maintenance plan to help it function as a truly effective air filter. You may not be surprised to know that most people choose to hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider to make sure that their carpets are well-maintained throughout the year. Most people know that professional carpet cleaning contractors are superior at properly removing stains and spots from upholstery and carpet, as well as refreshing soft surfaces to give them a brand-new smell and look.  

Do you know that there are other very important reasons to deep clean your carpet? Professionally and effectively cleaned carpet can help cut down on allergens as well as other contaminants that are bad for your health. But, unlike other air filters you know, carpet isn’t replaced easily. It’s very time-consuming and expensive to replace. Not to mention, simply vacuuming a carpet is not enough. According to experts, standard vacuuming of carpet flooring doesn’t lessen the levels of fine particles you can find indoor. Thus, this will have a possibility to build up eventually and have the potential to be harmful since they penetrate deeply into the lungs.   

The best way to remove all pollen, dust, dander, as well as other pollutants that are trapped deep within the fibers of the carpet is to wash and extract the carpet thoroughly using a powerful and highly effective deep carpet cleaner used by the professional carpet cleaners. When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider, you can surely be able to get rid of other potential health risks such as:  

  • Contaminants from shoes, bacteria, pet accidents in carpets, food spills, bacteria  
  • Biological messes like saliva, feces, urine, vomit as well as blood from children and pets or illness embedded in upholstery fibers and carpet  
  • Wood, drywall, as well as other construction dust coming from home building and remodeling accumulated in your existing carpet  
  • Flood damage – grime and sludge, bacteria in furniture and carpet, as well as waterborne contaminants  
  • Odors and stains from pet accidents, oils from fur or skin, saliva as well as other excretions  
  • Cleanup during the move – removing contaminants and allergens from previous owners  

If you have allergies and react to molds and fungi, you may face your symptoms in early fall and late summer. This makes a perfect time to hire a professional carpet cleaning near me to deep clean your carpets to avoid any health issues arising.